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British composer Lyndon Holland, born 1987, began writing music at the age of twelve years old after becoming obsessed with the work of Nobuo Uematsu's Final Fantasy soundtracks. Whilst his early General MIDI compositions were written for modest RPG Maker 2000 hobbyist games, he later became infatuated by film music and studied the craft of orchestration.


After taking an undergraduate degree in composition, Lyndon was accepted to study at the prestigious National Film and Television School, which at the time took only four applicants a year. Over this two year Masters degree, he honed his skills in writing music for narrative. Coincidently, the year he enrolled was also the introductory of a new department; NFTS Games. Here Lyndon worked on a project called Off Grid, which afforded him the opportunity to experiment with creating music systems that were adaptive under the players control; a skill he would later develop further for his next endeavour.


After graduating in early 2014, Lyndon responded to an intriguing advertisement posted on an indie game forum. The two veteran game developers, Jonathan Burroughs and Terry Kenny, were looking for a composer to work on their studio's (Variable State) debut game, Virginia. The game would go on to be published by 505 Games and afford Lyndon the opportunity to work with the The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.


Lyndon has also worked on other video games such as Aviary Attorney, Verde Station and Poi, which are available on steam.



Tel: 123-456-7890

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